Nico Campagna

Sensei Nico Campagna

Douvris Kanata is owned and operated by Sensei Nico Campagna, who started his karate journey at Douvris on Bank Street. At 15 years old, he had already begun to lead classes and loves to give back and share his knowledge through his experiences. He has never seen going to the dojo to teach as real work. For Sensei Nico, karate is something he genuinely enjoys teaching and sees as part of his lifestyle. He looks forward to each class and the opportunity to do and teach what he loves. Over his 10 years of competition, Sensei Nico has acquired 9 WKC World Championships competing at an international level. Sensei Nico is a part of TDI (Team Douvris International), an elite group of Douvris competitors that travel and compete worldwide. He is also proud to say he is a member of Team IMPEX-KTOC, a prestigious point-fighting team that has dominated North American tournaments for many years.