DOUVRIS Re-Boots Fitness Program with Total Body Training

DOUVRIS, a leader in karate Ottawa for more than 30 years, has rebooted its Fitness Program. The new program, called Total Body Training (TBT), has greater focus on the unique benefits of karate training and technique, including power, strength, precision, and speed.

TBT is delivered only by DOUVRIS’s professional black-belt martial artists, many of whom are world champions, and all of whom are trained and experienced instructors. Low student-instructor ratios and the availability of one-on-one instruction are hallmarks of the DOUVRIS experience.

TBT is designed for anyone who’s serious about their physical training. The program is a focused, efficient, and effective way to meet a variety of fitness goals, including:

  • Improve performance in other sports, such as golf, tennis, hockey, soccer, etc.
  • Lose weight
  • Increase strength
  • Increase and maintain flexibility

Train Like a Fighter. Experience the Difference:

  • Learn and use proper technique to ensure the best results and optimum safety
  • Target your training to your specific fitness needs, including speed, precision, power, strength, tone, and fat loss
  • Train for yourself; do it with friends

Benefits of the DOUVRIS TBT program include:

  • Cross training enhances performance in all other sports
  • Learn self-defence while you work out
  • Target your training to develop speed, precision, reaction time, power, agility, strength, and tone
  • Increase your confidence and focus

TBT Class Offerings include:

  • TBT Precision focuses on speed, precision, and hand-eye coordination. The focus is on kicking and striking targets (target mitts or focus mitts).
  • TBT Power focuses on developing power and muscle density through explosive movement and resistance using the heavy bags.
  • TBT Strength is a circuit workout that focuses on shaping, toning, strengthening, and endurance. It includes weight lifting and cardiovascular exercise.
  • TBT Cardio is an aerobic workout that uses kicking and striking types of movement to work the whole body.

Contact DOUVRIS for more information, for a $9.95 trial class, or to enroll as a member. (613) 234-5000.


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