We’re Reopening July 6

Dear members:

We are pleased to present the following information regarding a safe and long-awaited return to the Dojo. Douvris Kanata is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy training environment, however, this will not be possible without your complete cooperation.  This is a lengthy notice with important information.  Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the information.  You may visit the links below to read the reopening strategies and guidelines set out by Karate Canada and the Ontario Karate Federation, in agreement with the Ontario Public Health and our local municipality.   

We have summarized and customized these regulations and protocols for the reopening of our Dojo.  Beginning Monday, July 6th, we have provided plenty of class options for all levels, with the exception of the Tykes program.  During phase 2 of reopening, we will NOT be offering the Tykes program, however, if your child is aged 6 or older, he/she may join the Karate Kids White-Yellow Belt classes.  See the REVISED SCHEDULE

Class sizes will be limited to eight students.  This will allow for physical distancing while training. 

Karate classes will focus on Kata, fitness, flexibility and overall self improvement; there will be no contact, no sparring, no bar work during this phase.  Bo class and TBT classes will continue as usual.

You must pre-register for your class.  (You will be receiving a link from us through Rhino fit to register) Please download the app Rhinofit.   This is a free app that allows our instructors to monitor attendance, as well as let you book your classes in advance. We encourage you to book 2 classes per week, and should there be room available you may book an extra class. Please be sure to cancel your reservation well in advance should you decide not to attend. This is to allow a fair opportunity for other students who may want to attend. 

  • Students must be dropped off at the front entrance of the building and wait to be escorted to your class by an instructor. 
  • You are expected to maintain 2 meters distance at all times.
  • Upon entering the lounge, all members will be screened for any Covid related symptoms.
  • All members must sanitize their hands with the products provided prior to entering (and upon leaving) the dojo. 
  • You will be directed to take your shoes and very minimal belongings to the back hallway and place them on a boot tray provided.  
  • You will be directed to one of the eight clearly marked squares on the floor where you will remain to complete your class.  Water bottles are permitted and must remain in your square.
  • The instructing Sensei will retrieve your attendance cards and mark them for you.
  • All members will arrive dressed and ready for class; restrooms are available for toileting purposes only, not for changing. 
  • Following class, students will be directed to sanitize their hands and gather their shoes from their tray.  
  • All Junior students will be escorted by a Sensei down the BACK STAIRWELL to meet their parent/guardian at the SIDE of the building.  It is very important that all students be met by a parent or guardian immediately following class.  This is an essential time for our instructors to sanitize floors, all highly contacted surfaces and restrooms between each class. 
  • Cooperation of all students, guardians and instructors is crucial to ensure a safe and fun return to Karate. Anyone demonstrating disregard for these protocols will be asked to leave the premises.  

Parents or guardians in need of entering the lounge are recommended to wear a mask.  Students may wear a mask to enter or exit the dojo, however it is not recommended to wear a mask during class.  

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the Dojo!

Thank you, Douvris Kanata.

Covid 19 Self Assessment Questionnaire.  https://ca.thrive.health/covid19/en  

Karate Canada Reopening: https://files.trackie.com/uploads/email-attachment/2020-06-14-02-58-41-402991705-527152.pdf   

OKF Return to Sport: https://files.trackie.com/uploads/email-attachment/2020-06-14-02-57-57-404945328-527152.pdf

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